The World According to Nik Jax...

Congrats to my amazingly talented friend Mario Evon who just released his first music video (which I LOVE)!!!! He put his career as a doctor on pause to vigorously pursue his passion - music. He went back to school (Berklee School of Music) to study the art, performed (and won week after week) at the Apollo, funded the recording of his first album via kickstarter and struggled along the way when he could have easily gone back to medicine at any point.

It would be a tremendous blessing to one day work on something I love as much as he loves music. Mario, you are truly an inspiration and I am exceptionally proud of you love. Love you like cook food! XOXOXOXO


‘You Used 2 Love Me’ (Reggae Version) - Mario Evon (Official Video) - My 1st music video :D

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