The World According to Nik Jax...

Dubai to Mumbai

Sadly, all good things must come to an end which means it’s time to transition from vacation mode back to school mode.  The whole reason for my summer in Asia is to finish the last portion of my International MBA program at Temple University in Philadelphia.  Since it’s a 1-year program, we also spend a summer semester in school but in our case, we have our semester in Asia - India, China and Japan.  On August 9th, I will complete my MBA in Tokyo, spend a couple of weeks exploring Southeast Asia and then return to the states for graduation and the real world in early September.

Our first stop in India was Mumbai and while I’d heard mixed reviews about Mumbai and India as a whole, and I wasn’t thrilled to leave Dubai, I was open to absorbing everything and ready for a learning experience.  I knew Mumbai would be nothing close to Dubai so I tried my best to keep an open mind.

Thankfully, the flight on Emirates was much better than the JFK - DXB leg.  No Missa Swaaty first of all and secondly, it’s a quick 3 hour flight.  Upon arrival in Mumbai, I was greeted by an extremely long line at Immigration and more chaos at Baggage Claim.  I found myself irritated because I was already spoiled by the DXB’s airport efficiency.  Why all airports can’t adopt their best practices (US airports included), I have no idea.  I suppose the long line at Immigration was a blessing because my bags came off pretty quickly,  I quickly exited the airport, spotted Britt (she had a different itinerary) who was already with our driver and we were off to The Trident Hotel.