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Dubai Malls & Metro

As a self-appointed mall connoisseur, I can safely say, I’ve never seen anything like either of the malls I visited in Dubai.  All the luxury stores under one roof notwithstanding, the amenities available at the mall, coupled with the decor make it an experience.  I completely understand why so much time is spent here by both locals and visitors.

The Dubai Mall

Yep, that would be a waterfall

A really big waterfall

And a skating rink

Still at the mall

And there’s an Aquarium which holds the Guinness book of world records for largest single acrylic panel in the world

There’s also the world’s largest candy store… which features Chicago’s Garret’s popcorn (of course I got the Cheddar/Caramel mix).

And then there’s Bloomies… *sigh* (must return when I’m not a student)

I love that it’s not just sale, but “part sale”

Ends on my birthday… hmmm.

Agreed… I need to visit again when this contemporary district opens…

Not a great pic, but this was beautiful in person

Not even a fraction of the designer stores…


They all wear cuff links with their kandura’s

These are 2 of the ugliest colors I’ve ever seen on automobiles.  Interestingly enough, about 5 women exited the pink SUV.

Mall of the Emirates

I think the most unique thing about this mall was the indoor ski slope (where you can actually go skiing) complete with snow, and penguins… For some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I preferred the Dubai Mall.

If you look at the bottom right of this picture, you see it says Philly Cheese Steak.  I thought that was funny because I’m sure 95% of people in Dubai couldn’t find Philly on a map AND, the picture looked more like a burger as opposed to a cheese steak.  Either way, Philly is being represented in Dubai so that made me smile.

Before we left the mall, Britt and I decided to find the high end stores just to compare both malls and unbeknownst to us, we photo crashed this photo shoot.  They were all very nice and didn’t say a thing to us and laughed with us when we realized what we did.

I managed to leave the mall unscathed and made only a single purchase - perfume that smelled like heaven that after many online searches when I returned to the hotel, I couldn’t find in the states so I am satisfied with my purchase.

We decided to take the metro back to the hotel and like everything else, it’s extremely clean, very efficient and thankfully, connected to the mall and the stations are air conditioned so we never had to go outside.

I think a women and children only car has to be the best invention ever.  

There are basically only 2 lines.  Red and green.  Impossible to get lost.

Emirates Towers Train Station


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