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Desert Safari including Dune Bashing in Dubai

Off we go… It was very convenient to book our safari through our hotel concierge the night before.  Our driver picked us up at our hotel right on schedule. 

This was all my idea.  Thanks Britt for being a great travel buddy!

Dubai skyline as we leave the city to head to the desert

Hard to believe that Dubai looked mostly like this (as opposed to the skyline), only 10 years ago.  The Burj al Arab is only 12 years old, while the hotel where Britt and I are staying is only 10 years old and those are 2 of the oldest buildings in the city.

Pit stop… Jah know, this felt like Jamaica.  Except the AC inside the shop was on full blast and quite effective… that wouldn’t happen in Jamaica.

Ice-cream was yummers

We’re definitely in the desert.  

Once in the desert, we stopped for pictures and met up with the rest of the fleet and then headed out as a caravan.

Love my Britty! Quite possibly one of the easiest people to travel with.  We were all about eating, sleeping, fabulosity-ing, and finding wifi…

Let the dune bashing begin!

Dune Bashing is where the tour company essentially turns the vehicle you’re traveling into a roller coaster with the desert as the track.  It was all very safe but everyone still hung on for dear life… 

After awhile we all relaxed and let go… 

I’m sure they’ve all done this several times before but this is a little too close for comfort… back up! Please :-)

From where I was sitting, it looked like the SUV in front (different tour company) was going to roll but it didn’t

Of course a someone got stuck but in true male form, our tour guide said, we’d stop to take pictures, as opposed to, we need to stop because someone is stuck…

But in no time, they were ok

SInce my pictures don’t give the experience justice, here’s video (from you tube) of what dune bashing looks like from outside the vehicle.

Here’s video from my tour company on what it’s like to be inside the 4X4.

On our tour, there were no female drivers, I asked to drive but no one else in our SUV thought that was a good idea… Whatevs.

More pics of the desert, Britt and me…the desert is absolutely breathtaking.

Letting the SUVs breathe… before we started the safari, they let most of the air out of the tires and our tour guide told us they change the air filters everyday.


Our safari concluded with dinner at the campsite below, belly dancing, henna, camel riding, hookahs (they call it shisha) and if you wanted to pay extra, you could also go out on ATVs.  All else was included in the rate of AED 275 which is just under $80.  Our driver picked us up at 4PM and we were back at the hotel at around 10PM.

Henna Twins…


Fresh bread off the grill… delicisoso

And then my camera died… No pics of belly dancer or dinner but it was all great.  I’d highly recommend the experience and our tour company was great.  Our hotel and other friends also recommend Arabian Adventures but they weren’t picking up when we tried to book (at the very last minute the night before) through our concierge and they’re a little bit more expensive.  

Bonus pics from Britt’s iphone… yeah!