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My Hotel - Emirates Towers

Jumeirah Emirates Towers is a 5 star business hotel that is simply amazing. ¬†Service is phenomenal and there isn’t a single amenity I can think of that they don’t provide. ¬†Again, thanks to Lij for the great rate!

Two of the iconic buildings in the Dubai skyline - both part of the towers… hotel on the right, businesses (I think) on the left)

View from my room

More of the skyline from the room

Picture of Sheikh Zayed (founding father of the UAE) on the top of the building on the right (all from the window of my room)

Close up of Sheikh Zayed (my camera is legit)

Tap Access (on the left), no swipe necessary… can program do not disturb/make up room from inside the room

Britt Miller & me acting a fool on night 1

Newspaper Delivery

Message from the Concierge - front


The Boulevard Shops (Mall adjacent to the hotel)

Level 40 - Chopard Ladies Only Floor


Panoramic Lifts/Elevators

Have to run, will post pool pics later…

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