The World According to Nik Jax...

Who Am I?

After 10 years climbing the corporate ladder, I quit my job to return to school to work on my MBA and travel the world in the process.  Some people thought I was insane to give up a great career in a bad economy.  I thought it was a great time to get back in the classroom (I missed the learning process), make myself more marketable (I’ll always believe education is the best investment ever) and luckily I found a 1 year program that enabled me to live and study in Paris (Fall Semester), Philly (my current home - Spring Semester) and Asia (Summer semester in India, China and Japan).  So to answer the question who am I?  Right now, I’m student, but there’s so much more to me…

  • I work hard, play harder, love hardest
  • I’m a big sister - oldest of 4 and proud auntie of a beautiful 1 year old
  • I’m also God mother to 3 - not as great as a should be but hey
  • I’m a Cancer and possess all the stereotypical traits that come along with it
  • I’m Jamaican with a PA driver’s license and US passport
  • I’m an incurable shopaholic - shoes, bags, accessories, clothes, I love it all
  • I’m a speed demon who loves fast cars and the sound of a great engine
  • I’m a UCONN alumna (BS in Finance) and a die-hard Husky fan
  • I love basketball - prefer NCAA but this year’s NBA playoffs have been great
  • I’m loyal… sometimes to a fault
  • I love the Lord, I am a follower of Christ
  • I’m a great friend
  • I’m a foodie
  • I’m over bad boys and on to grown men.  That phase was fun while it lasted
  • I’m beautifully broken (not ashamed that I love that song by Ashlee Simpson)
  • I can’t imagine my life without traveling.  I hope to visit 40 countries and 40 states before my 40th birthday (I’ll post about that separately)
  • I adore my family.  Including the friends I consider the family I got to choose
  • I can’t think of a genre of music I don’t like
  • I know how to party

I’m sure there’s more but that seems enough for now.  

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